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Childrens Miracle Network Award 2016


Since 1992. RE/MAX Agents and offices have raised more than $138 million for Children's Miracle Netwrok Hospitals: this helps to ensure that the finest medical care is available to children when they need it most. From broken bones to cancer treatments to heart transplants, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals are deovted to saving and improving the lives of children. 


Children's Miracle Network Hopitals recognized RE/MAX Agents and offices each year, for their support of children's hospital. The criteria to become a Miracle Agent or Miracle Office in 2016.


- Miracle Agent - Total donation by individual agent of at least $500 during the calender year.

- Miracle Office - Total contributions from agent donations or events of at least $2,000 during a calender year. 


I am honored to work with the Children's Miracle Network and now be on the board.