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22 years ago, i was the 1st patron at a New Restaruant Called Outback Steakhouse. Unfortuantely, they just lost their lease and will be relocating to the new wing of the Del Amo Mall close to Lazy Dog Cafe. 


I met a lot of great people and made some really great friends. I did a little bit of business there but it was mostly to socialize and talk about the important things in life like sports, politics, health and a little bit of Real Estate. I got to know each and every proprietor;5 in all.


The mall has really changed since I grew up in the 60's just west of the what was Sears, Penny's and Broadway. I don't know if you have been sinve the new stores have opened. New stores including their flagship Nordstrom's but it definitely changed with the times. If you're not looking to buy or window shop then put on your walking shoes and start at Sears and make your way all the the way to the new East Wing of the Mall. I think the whole walk there and back should take you about 45 minutes if you navigate through all the wings in the mall. They brought in trendier restaurants and I have tried them all. Din Tai Fung is definitely worth the wait. And the indoor/outdoor restaurant and Nordstrom's is consistently good. Long gone are I. Magnin, the Entree, Montgomery Ward's, Buffums, and Toy World replaced by LuLu Lemon, Michael Kors, Vince Camuto and Kate Spade.