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Southwood and West Torrance Update - Holidays 2015


Newsletter Update - Holidays 2015

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It has been another good year for the local real estate market throughout the South Bay. Of course there are always ebbs and flows to the market, but for the most part it was a steady year of sales and refinancing. We have discussed the lack of inventory dynamic to exhaustion but certain areas of Torrance experienced an increase of inventory, especially in the fourth quarter. What that means for those areas is carryover inventory will be mixed with new listings in early 2016 creating some stagnancy in value until it reaches a more normal balance.
In early 2015 we saw quite a bit of movement with the Toyota Relocation to Plano, Texas. Employees that knew they were going took advantage of some high sale prices for their homes coupled with generous moving bonuses. I got to see some of the homes they were moving into in Texas and it was impressive to say the least. It has been sporadic in terms of future moves since Labor Day. Expectations were about 1400+ more relocation moves for next year and beyond but it has been a little slower than expected,someduetoemployeeslookingelsewheretostayinCalifornia, andalsothe time needed to build out the facilities in Texas.


Interest rates continued to be very steady throughout 2015 and although the threat of rate increases is still being discussed, I seriously doubt anything significant happens rate wise in 2016. Perhaps an eighth to a quarter percent uptick is expected in home loans but not enough to cause any panic. Look for rates in the high 3's and low 4's for purchase money and slightly higher for refinancing.


As I start my 37th year in real estate I look forward to meeting new people and taking exceptional care of my clients that I have worked with for so many years. Thank you for making me the number one Remax agent in the City of Torrance. I will continue to be your one stop shop for questions about real estate, providing you with my list of vendors from roofers, handyman, electricians, painters, haulers, trust, probate and divorce attorneys,or just taking the time to chat. Growing up in Torrance and still living here for 60 years is special to me. Working at doing something you truly like to do makes all the better. Feel free to call or email anytime to discuss your needs, plans, referrals, questions,etc. See you around the neighborhood!


Nordstrom Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to Don Smith, Sallie Manuel and Michelle Browning on winning the three $100.00 gift certificates to Nordstrom's. Next month I will be giving away(3)$50.00 gift certificates to Great Maple,the restaurant in the remodeled Del Amo Mall. Email me, drop a note in the mail, call 310.918-3030. Entry deadline is January 5th.


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Just some of the reasons to work with John Briscoe in 2015 and beyond. ReMax #1 Agent in all of Torrance!